About Azure Devops
Course Syllabus

Azure DevOps provides everything you need to build a software application from start to finish! The project assists in the deployment of applications, the addition of test environments to check your production, the management of code flow, and the maintenance of high quality. If you want to automate your processes in order to provide dependable code and software faster, Version IT’s Azure DevOps online Training In Hyderabad is the perfect course for you!

Azure DevOps Online Training Program, Version IT will provide you with a thorough understanding of various Azure DevOps tools such as Azure Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts, and Source Control Management (SCM). This tutorial is specifically designed to assist you with integrating, deploying, and testing Azure Pipelines. A basic overview of the fundamentals of Kanban and SCRUM boards in Azure DevOps.

Version IT’s Azure Devops online Training in India takes a hands-on approach to planning, managing, and monitoring your applications using DevOps and Microsoft Azure. Initially, you'll have a better understanding of DevOps implementation. You'll learn how containerization technologies work and how to use continuous integration to run tests across your applications. Moving forward, you'll collaborate with DevOps to manage contemporary application lifecycles and automate your programmers on the Azure Cloud platform. Finally, using the language and app framework, you'll set up a full CI/CD pipeline for any Azure project. By the end of this course, you will be able to release software more quickly and reliably on the cloud using Azure DevOps Platform.

This thorough Microsoft Azure DevOps online training was designed by industry experts to assist learners gain proficient skills in Azure and DevOps and then harness those abilities to execute DevOps in Azure. The programmer will prepare you to become an expert in many on-demand aspects of DevOps and Azure. In addition, various case studies and hands-on projects are incorporated in the programmer to guarantee that you learn everything you need to know about DevOps and Azure.

Who should join Azure DevOps Online training?

Although anyone with a basic understanding of Azure can enroll in this Microsoft Azure DevOps online training, it is recommended for:

  • Cloud Professionals and Solutions Architects
  • Learners who want to build a career around Azure DevOps
  • Software Developers
  • Learners who want to build a career around Azure DevOps

So join Version IT one of the leading azure devops online training institutes in Hyderabad for Advance Your Career Azure and Devops.

Introduction to Azure

  • Cloud technology overview
  • What is Iaas/Pass/Saas
  • Overview of Azure
  • Managing azure subscriptions
  • Managing Azure with the Azure Portal
  • Demo: AZURE Portal
  • Overview of azure Resource Manager

Virtual Networks in Microsoft Azure

  • Creating a Virtual Network
  • Virtual Network Peering & Vent to Vent Peering
  • Understand Point-to-Site Networks
  • Securing Virtual Network Resources
  • Connecting Virtual Networks
  • Demo: Create Azure virtual networks
  • Load Balancer
  • Traffic Manager

Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure

  • Create and Configure Virtual Machines
  • Workloads on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Deploying Virtual Machine Images
  • VM Networking
  • Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Configuring Availability and Extensibility
  • Configure Disks

Implementing Storage in Microsoft Azure

  • Overview of Azure Storage
  • Storage Services (Blob, File, Table,Queue)
  • Public Access level Explanation

Azure Webapps

  • Overview of Azure Webapp
  • App Services plan
  • Deployment Center & Deployment Slates
  • Vent Integration with Web App
  • Web app with Docker
  • Azure Key Vault

Azure Active Directory

  • How to create users in Azure Active Direction
  • Giving Permission

Azure Backups

  • VM backup
  • Disk Backup

Azure Monitoring

  • Azure Monitor
  • VM-monitor

Azure Sql

  • Introduction of Sql

Devops Tools

  • Introduction to Devos
  • Define Devops
  • What is Devops
  • Why Devops
  • Devops Tools
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • What is Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Service Modules

Git: Version Control

  • Introduction
  • What is Git
  • About Version Control System and types
  • A short History of Git
  • Git Basics
  • Git Command Line

Installing Git

  • Installing on Windows
  • Initial Setup

Git Essentials

  • Creating Repository
  • Cloning on Windows
  • Fetch pull Remote

Azure Devops Portal

  • Devops portal Explanation
  • Services Explanation

Azure Devops Portal

  • Devops portal Explanation
  • Services Explanation
  • Ci/Cd pipeline in Azure Devops portal
  • Managing CI/CD pipeline with Classic Editor& YAML
  • Creating CI/CD pipeline


  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Jobs
  • Building Deployment
  • Jenkins Integration
  • Pipeline

SonarQube Integration with Azure

SonarQube Integration with Azure

  • Introduction
  • What is Terraform
  • Core concepts
  • Variables
  • Module
  • State


  • Introduction
  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Docker Hub
  • Custom Images
  • Docker Networking
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Hub


  • Interdiction
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Pods
  • Nodes
  • Service
  • Volume
  • Namespace

Scripting Tools

  • ARM Templates
  • PowerShell

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