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What is ABAP?

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a proprietary fourth generation programming language, created by SAP for mass processing of data and developing business applications.

Some key features and functionalities:

  • Enables data sharing
  • Data persistence
  • Exception handling
  • Enables enhancements
  • Enables modification of SAP applications
  • Logical database connections
  • Open SQL
  • Internal tables
  • Data Dictionary
  • Security
  • Change Transport System
  • Programmers can utilize object-oriented, procedural and other programming principles
  • Programs written using ABAP can run alongside those written using Java, JavaScript, SAPUI5 and others

About the course:

SAP ABAP is a good career option and will be in high demand in near future epically considering SAP’s next generation ERP, SAP-S/4HANA will be based on ABAP. The career scope for this course is wide and one can get a major career boost by choosing to learn ABAP. Organizations around the world are hunting for skilled ABAP professionals and there is a significant gap in the demand and their availability. Version IT Hyderabad has the reputation of having attained in each batch we have trained during the past two decades. Our expert faculty have vast experience and knowledge to help you become a world-class ABAP professional. Since SAP ABAP has a bright future and amazing career prospects aspirants must choose their academy carefully.

Version IT is the best ABAP online training institute in Hyderabad. Our online courses are designed to make sure you gain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subject while you make the most of learning from the comfort of your home.

What you will learn in the course:

Students will learn in detail about the following and several other important concepts in SAP ABAP,

  • Introduction to SAP and R3 architecture, introduction to ABAP/4
  • ABAP dictionary
  • Packages, Variants
  • Message Classes
  • Selection Screens
  • Open SQL statements, Internal Tables
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Modularization Techniques
  • Reports
  • Dialogue/Module Pool Programming/Transactions
  • Batch Data Communication
  • SAP Scripts, Smart Forms
  • ALV Reports
  • Runtime Analysis and SQL Tracing
  • RFC, ALE, Idocs, EDI, BAPIs
  • Workflow, User Exits, BADIs
  • Enhancement Sport
  • BTE, OO-ABAP, Adobe Forms
  • Release management topics, HR-ABAP
  • New ABAP Syntax

Training Overview:

Version IT offers the best SAP ABAP Online training in India.The course consists of a training schedule and the students will be awarded certificates upon successful completion. Students get individual care and guidance and throughout the training, with online doubt clearing sessions and feedback by the faculty. Our trainers are industry experts with around a decade of experience in training students on various data platforms.

Students are given access to course content and they can easily revise and recap the training sessions at their own time and convenience.

Version IT offers the best ABAP online training in Hyderabad and a top choice for software engineering and programming enthusiasts.

Join our SAP ABAP online training today to gain an edge and become a world-class ABAP professional.

Mr Chandu’s profile

Mr Chandu did his Masters in Computer Applications in the Skill Set orientation. He has been adjudged as the best faculty in SAP ABAP / ABAP on HANA. He can provide SAP ABAP real-time training in Hyderabad. Know more about Mr Chandu:

  • He is an SAP-certified ABAP professional
  • Extensive skills in handling teams and managing the work-relationship building, negotiation, collaboration, advocacy, governance and consensus building
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal, written communications and presentation skills including technical and non-technical users
  • Communicate well within the organization and management teams utilizing strong presentation skills combined with a solid technical background
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both verbally, in writing and via presentations
  • Detail-oriented and self-motivated with strong problem-solving skills
  • Work in an ambiguous environment and streamline, excellent solution provisioning skills with varied technologies within SAP strong analytical and communication skills, including the ability to rapidly gather data, structure hypotheses and develop synthesized findings and recommendation.

As a mentor, Mr Chandu takes you to the fundamental skills which required understanding of SAP ABAP programmes and it helps you to start creating your own ABAP programming.

The learning process:

  • You will learn by watching the author while operating. The trainer explains step by step on how to create and modify ABAP code. The trainer details SAP ABAP from absolute basics to ensure a thorough grasp of how best to program SAP enterprise systems. Learning the key aspects of ABAP development, introducing new concepts and language element included in SAP and covers topics such as building report interfaces and modularizing you programs with ‘Includes’, ‘Forms’ and ‘Function Modules’, you will be prepared as a professional SAP expert.
  • This training course enables you to get a thorough insight into how the SAP programming language works and how it is delivered. The learners will have no issues in grasping the content.
  • It so easy to learn SAP ABAP and you will be trained thoroughly in writing and testing your own code within no time. Version IT faculty trains you in such a way that you can create code from day one as you will be trained virtually by step-by-step examples.
  • It is no matter whether you are new to programming or new to ABAP, the SAP ABAP course at Version IT makes you a rapid learner and a real-world enterprise software developer.
  • By the completion of this online training course, you will be fully versed with technology and capable of creating your own ABAP programs in a commercial environment.

Introduction to ABAP on HANA

ABAP 7.40 & 7.50 New Syntax.

a. Inline Declarations

b. Helper Variable Dynamic Declaration

C. Read Table Operator

  • Default & Options
  • Using Index
  • Find out if the row existed or not.

d. Find out the Number of rows of an internal table

e. Adding the Record to the Internal table

  • Adding records Manually
  • moving the record from one ITAB to Another ITAB

f. Move Corresponding

  • Moving Details from one WA to Another WA
  • Moving Details from One Internal table to Another Internal table

g. Importance of BASE Command when moving the Data

h. Processing functions

  • Replace statement.
  • Find out the length of an string.
  • Insert string.
  • Repeat operator.
  • Shift_left/Shift_right

i. Formatting Operators:

  • Conversions - ALPHA
  • Formatting with Decimal and sign
  • formatting with case
  • Formatting Date, Currency to Specific country format
  • Formatting time stamp using time zone

j. Operators

  • Casting operator
  • Convert operator
  • Conditional Operator
  • Switch operator
  • Translate operator
  • Value operator
  • LET Operator

k. FOR Loop

l. Reduce Statement

m. New Open SQL Statement


n. New Native SQL statement


o. New SQL Queries

  • Select Statement using inline Declarations
  • Select statement with joins using Inline Declarations
  • Select statement for all entries using line Declarations.
  • Select statement joining one ITAB and One DB Table
  • Select statement using unions.
  • Select statement using SUM keyword
  • Select statement using CASE Statement
  • Select statement using Associations.
  • Select statement using MIN and MAX key words
  • Select statement using Group BY and ORDER BY Clause
  • ABAP CTE's
  • RANK Functions
  • DENSE RANK Function
  • Select Query using CDS views

3. Migration steps/tools from SAP S4 HANA

SQLM - SQL Monitor

ATC - ABAP Test Cockpit

SLIN - Extended syntax check

SCI - Code inspector

Installation of Eclipse / SAP HANA Studio

Adding SAP ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse

Adding SAP system to Eclipse/SAP HANA Studio

5. Core Data Services (CDS View)

a.What is CDS view

b.Different types of CDS views

  • Define View
  • View with joins
  • View with associations
  • Parameter-based CDS view
  • CDS View extension
    • Extend CDS view
    • Using FIORI App Custom Field and App logic
  • CDS View using Table functions
  • CDS View converting into OData
  • CDS with Associations as OData service and accessing via Navigation

c.Using Session variable in CDS view

d.Built in Functions in CDS view

  • CAST Functions
  • Numeric Functions
  • String Functions
  • Conversion functions
    • FLTP_DEC
    • UNIT Conversion
    • Currency Conversion
    • Date and Time Functions

e. Virtual elements in CDS view

f. Virtual Data models

  • Interface Views
    • BASIC Views
    • Composite Views
  • Consumption Views

g. Creating a FIORI tile for consumption CDS view using Custom Analytical App Query

h. Value Helps Using

  • Foreign Key associations
  • Modeled Value Help views

6. SAP IDA using CDS -- SAP Integrated Data access model using CDS View

7. OData Services:

a. introduction to SAP NetWeaver Gateway and ODATA

b. Usage of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway

c. Overview of the ODATA Services

d. Overview of the ODATA Services Metadata document.

e. Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

f. ODATA Service Generation technique.

g. Technical Components involved

h. Creating OData Service in SAP NetWeaver Gateway (Code Based)

i. Reading and filtering data (Code Based)

j. Development life cycle of SAP NetWeaver Gateway

k. Hub deployment and Embedded Deployment

l. Creating, Reading, Updating, deleting Entry of OData Service. (Code Based) i.e CRUD Operation.

m. Function Import (Code Based)

n. File Upload and download (Code Based)

o. Map to Data Source

p. Service Generation using RFC

q. EXPAND, Create DEEP Entity and BATCH

AMDP - ABAP Managed Data Base procedure

a. What is AMDP?

b. Types of AMDP method

  • Database procedure
  • Date base functions

c. Passing Parameters in AMDP method

d. Passing Select options

  • AMDP Method
  • CDS Table functions

e. Learning SQL Scripting for AMDP

  • Passing Select options/Range
    • AMDP Method
    • CDS Table functions
  • AMDP OOPS Operations
    • Inheritance
    • Changing variable/Changing Table
  • Data declarations
    • Defining Variable with
      • Build-In types
      • user Defined types
    • Changing variable/Changing Table
  • Internal table operations

CRUD & Exception Handling Using AMDP

  • CASE Statement in AMDP
  • How to Perform CRUD operations
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • UPSERT
    • DELETE
  • UUID Generations
  • ROW Number(), Partition BY, RANK Functions
  • Defining Exit handler in AMDP
  • AMDP Filtering

g. FUZZY Search and BADI operations using AMDP

  • UPPER()/ UCASE() & LOWER Functions
  • IFNULL and NULLIF Functions
  • DATE Functions
  • FUZZY functions
  • Parallel processing Using AMDP - MAP_MERGE
  • What is AMDP BADI
    • FallBack class in AMBP BADI
    • Filter in AMDP

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