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Course Syllabus

Version IT Provides the Best SAP EWM Online Training in Hyderabad with the help of the most qualified professionals. Our trainers have worked for MNCs for many years in SAP EWM and related fields. We are aware of the needs of the industry and provide the best SAP EWM online training more practically. Our team of SAP EWM trainers provides services for SAP EWM corporate training, SAP EWM online training, and SAP EWM in-classroom training. We designed our curriculum to align with both entry-level and higher-level requirements in the actual world. Depending on the needs of the participants, either a weekday or weekend schedule will be used for our online training. We do provide One-to-One SAP EWM Online Training and Fast-Track SAP EWM Online Training in India. One of the best ERP tools for manufacturing and other industries where goods and raw materials are held in warehouses is SAP Extended Warehouse Management. The management and control of all warehouse operations, including the distribution of goods into and out of the warehouse, the receipt and issuance of goods, and the fulfillment of customer orders are effectively handled by SAP EWM.

The need for SAP EWM Online training and certifications has increased massively as SAP EWM gains popularity among manufacturing and associated organizations. All working professionals who engage in warehouse management operations will benefit from the SAP EWM training program. In addition to warehouse experts, SAP EWM online training will be beneficial for beginners as well as SAP functional and technical consultants to acquire better employment chances and receive significant wage rises. Because of the high demand for the SAP EWM online course, Version IT offers top-notch SAP EWM online training to anyone interested in learning the SAP EWM software, from beginners to professionals.

What will you learn from the SAP EWM module?

You will acquire the necessary fundamental to advanced topics for the SAP EWM module during the session, including:

  • Resource management, warehouse design, and EWM SAP EWM master data creation.
  • Setting up the SAP EWM tool's Inbound and Inbound Warehouse operations.
  • Integration of Systems.
  • Receiving, Shipping, and Monitoring.
  • Customizing documents and managing warehouse orders, etc.

Prerequisites to learn SAP EWM Online Training

  • Although there are no specific requirements for learning SAP EWM online course.
  • It is an advantage to be familiar with supply chain business models and material handling systems.

SAP EWM Course's Target Audience

Everyone, even freshers can take the SAP EWM online course, however, it is most suited for working logistics and warehousing experts, SAP Functional-consultants, and ABAP developers who want to master SAP EWM to further their careers in the field of contemporary SAP EWM.

Our SAP EWM Online Training and Upcoming Courses in Hyderabad are focused on giving you instructor-led online training that is both projects- and hands-on-practical-oriented, allowing you to fully grasp all of the key concepts of the course's industrial-expert-designed, modern- warehousing-focused SAP EWM course material. You've come to the right place if you're seeking a top-notch SAP EWM online training provider and want to learn the complete course curriculum practically with the help and assistance of SAP EWM experts.


SAP EWM Course Outline

SAP EMM is one of the important modules in SAP ERP software and EWM application module supports the Inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations. etc..,


SAP EWM reduces the cost of Operations. It minimizes Inventory losses by removing unnecessary and obsolete material. Automatic material management and Procurement activities lead to a smoother and effective process.

Course Highlights

  • This Course begins with the basics of SAP and makes you familiar with its user interface.
  • This Course is intended for Beginners, SAP End Users & Professionals.
  • For Beginners and End Users they can familiarize themselves with SAP module, as it covers the very basics that teach you how to perform different tasks in SAP.
  • For Professionals, they can enhance their skills as it deals in depth with the advanced concepts of EWM. It describes the techniques and procedures that are most frequently employed by users when working with S/4 Hana.
  • This course is designed to get a Placement in MNC as quickly as once you complete the EWM Project Training course. For that we explain Real Time Business scenarios and Interview questions at each and every topic discussion.

Course Duration: 2 and half months – 60 HRs

SAP Version: SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement EHP 7, S/4 HANA

Project: Get Hands on Experience of SAP EWM Consultant in Real time project, How to handle the Tickets with SLA, Enhancements, RFC’s, Idocs Monitoring and Support projects.

The Extended Warehouse Management System

  • Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management
  • Basic ERP and EWM Integration
  • Delivery Document Integration

EWM Structure

  • Storage Types
  • Storage Sections
  • Storage Bins
  • Activity Areas
  • Doors and Staging Areas
  • Work Centers

Master Data

  • Product Master Data
  • Business Partner Data
  • Supply Chain Units
  • Master Data for Transportation
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Resources

Warehouse Stock Management

  • Stock Types
  • Owner
  • Party Entitled to Dispose
  • Batch Management
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Transportation Units

Warehouse Document Types

  • Inbound Delivery Documents
  • Outbound Delivery Documents
  • Warehouse Tasks
  • Warehouse Orders
  • Physical Inventory Documents

Integration from ERP to EWM

  • Basic System Setup
  • Master Data Integration
  • Delivery Integration

Inbound Processing

  • Goods Receipt Preparation
  • Unloading and Goods Receipt
  • Posting Goods Receipt

Putaway Processing

  • Process-Oriented Storage Control for Inbound Processes
  • Layout Oriented Storage Control for Inbound Processes
  • Deconsolidation
  • Value Added Services

Outbound Processing

  • Outbound Delivery Creation
  • Warehouse Process Type Determination
  • Wave Management
  • Warehouse Order Creation during Outbound Processes
  • Storage Type Determination
  • Stock Removal Strategies
  • Storage Control in the Outbound Processes

Internal Warehouse Movements

  • Replenishment
  • Rearrangement
  • Ad Hoc Moves
  • Posting Changes

Multistep Warehouse Movements

  • Process-Oriented Storage Control
  • Layout-Oriented Storage Control

Physical Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Documents
  • Physical Inventory Areas
  • Difference Analyzer
  • Stock Comparison to ERP
  • Supported Methods for Physical Inventory

Warehouse Monitoring and Reporting

  • Warehouse Management Monitor
  • Personalizing the Warehouse Monitor
  • Warehouse Reporting

Exception Handling

  • Configuring Exception Codes
  • Defining a New Exception Code
  • Defining a New Exception Code


  • EWM-Triggered Opportunistic Cross-Docking
  • Push Deployment and Pick From Goods Yard Management
  • Yard Management Structure
  • Transportation Units and Vehicles
  • Check-In and Check-Out
  • Yard Movements
  • Monitoring the Yard

Value-Added Services (VAS)

  • Configuration and Master Data for VAS
  • VAS Order Creation
  • Using the VAS Work Centre and VAS Execution
  • VAS for Outbound Process
  • VAS for Inbound Processes


  • Kit to Order using ERP Sales Orders
  • Kit to Stock

Data Capture and Resource Optimization

  • Overview of Data Capture Methods for Warehousing
  • Resource Management and Warehouse Optimization
  • System-Guided Processing RF Framework
  • Advantages of the EWM RF Framework
  • Setup of the RF Framework
  • Enhancing the EWM RF Transactions
  • Personalization of the EWM RF Transaction

Post-Processing Framework (PPF) and Form Printing

  • Overview of the PPF
  • Defining Action Profiles and Actions
  • Condition Configuration

Deploying Extended Warehouse Management

  • Deployment Options for EWM
  • Deploying EWM on ERP
  • Connecting EWM to a Non-SAP ERP Automatic Configuration
  • BC Sets for EWM Configuration
  • Executing and Troubleshooting BC Sets Data Loads
  • Loading Business Partners
  • Loading Products
  • Loading Storage Bins
  • Loading Storage Bin Sorting
  • Loading Stock

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