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What is SAP GRC Security?

SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solution helps organizations to maintain and manage regulations and compliance and remove any risk in managing the organizations’ key operations. 

Security of information is an important part of new regulations and organizations require a framework to keep their own and their clients data secure. 

Some Key features of SAP GRC:

  • SAP GRC enables organizations to manage risks efficiently and effectively
  • Organizations can make their risk management systems better.
  • SAP GRC helps to detect and manage fraud activities efficiently.
  • Once the data is safe the overall authenticity of the organization is also maintained, with this the performance also enhances.
  • SAP GRC is a great tool for efficient management of audits in organizations.

About the course:

There are plenty of opportunities in SAP Security and GRC because of ever-changing compliance regulations, digital risks, and governance-related pressures for company leaderships and administrations. A SAP Security and GRC career will certainly increase your understanding of digitalization and makes you an asset to a large group. The harder SAP Security and GRC skills are to find, the likelihood of GRC professionals getting higher pays increases.

Version IT offers a tailor-made course material and job-oriented training. It is recommended that the students who wish to go in for the GRC security course must have basic knowledge of SAP overview, SAP BASIS, SAP BI and other technical modules. Version IT is one of the top and best SAP GRC Security training institutes in Hyderabad. The course content is designed by best of the best experts in the industry. Trainings emphasize on practical knowledge and know-how, so that students feel confident about their abilities and skills, as they learn by doing.

What you will learn in the course?

The candidates will be trained in,

  • SAP overview
  • Introduction to SAP Security and CUA and User Groups concept
  • Authorization concept
  • BW/BI roles and modification
  • HR security
  • Personnel administration and GRC

Training Overview:

This course has duration of 60hours and students are awarded certificates upon successful completion. It is a certification and job oriented course wherein the students are given a hands-on training. This sets apart Version IT from the other SAP GRC Security training institutes in Hyderabad.

Professional notes & guidance is provided to the students, they are also prepared to take on interviews. Students get assistance with resume building from a dedicated placement team.

Version IT’s SAP GRC Security training equips you to get into top MNCs around the world and carve an identity for yourself in security, risk and compliance domain. Version IT is the best choice for SAP GRC Security training in Hyderabad.

Join our GRC Security course to become a truly world-class professional.

Mr.Rasheed(Having 20+ Real time experience)

Mr Rasheed is highly adaptable IT specialists having an overall SAP experience 20+ years. He has capabilities of managing medium to large size organizations and is well-versed in corporate training, development, product development, business operations and designing strategies.

Having an Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Mr Rasheed has been working for the last 2 decades with SAP R/3, SAP NetWeaver, S/4 HANA and solution manager system. Apart from holding numerous corporate training, he nurtured thousands of IT consultants across the globe. Having a vast experience in installation and configuration for various SAP products, Mr Rasheed has set a record in SAP ERP implementations.

SAP GRC Securities Course Content

SAP Security Training is the critical segment offering authorization & validation to the users & solves this validation issue for all the security users. If in case there is any issue in the entire SAP system. The Professionals already working in System Admin, the Security support and the fresh degree holders, can also join this training module for offering their career a real boost. Thisis the base of SAP and a mandatory requirement for implementing in every SAP Security Training module.

SAP Security Training:

  • SAP HANA Security
  • SAP HR Security
  • SAP BI Security
  • SAP CRM Security
  • SAP Cloud Security
  • SAP Portal Security
  • SAP EP Security
  • SAP ECC Security

Prerequisites for SAP Security Training:

  • Attendees should be challenging to administer the security of the SAP Business Application software.


  • What is Security & Why? Concepts – SAP Security
  • Security audit & consideration?


  • Data layer
  • Access security
  • Operational security
  • Audit Security & Security audit log parameters.
  • Application on R/3 Security.
  • OS level security & Change management.


  • Internal Security
  • External Security
  • SAP Security
  • User administration & Types of Users.
  • Central user administration (CUA)


  • Authorization Objects
  • Authorization profiles
  • Programming authorizations
  • Authorization groups
  • Missing authorizations
  • Authorization Trace.


  • Composite Role
  • Single Role
  • Derived Role
  • Parent Role & Child Role.
  • Transportation of Roles & Role Mitigation.
  • The complete User status (SUIM).
  • Locking transactions.
  • Restricting access to SAP& DDIC.


  • SAP History.
  • SAP R/3 architecture & Layers.
  • Client administration.
  • Spool administration Basics.
  • Background jobs.
  • Monitoring Concepts
  • Transport management Basics


  • Overview on SAP B I authorization concept
    • What are the security requirement on SAP BI
    • What are the standard roles and templates of authorization concept
    • Standard roles and templates for the authorization concept
    • How to create the BI roles & modifications
    • The difference between BW & ECC security
    • The difference between BW & BI security
    • What are the different authorization objects involved in BI & BIW
    • Authorization concept analysis & reporting overview
    • General real time issues on BW & BI


  • Concept Overview on Structural authorizations
    • Overview on HR Master Data authorizations
    • Authorization Overview on main switches
    • Overview on authorization objects for payroll
    • Overview on info type concepts and table in sap hr


    • SAP CRM Security Overview
    • What is the difference between SAP CRM Security & ECC SECURITY?
    • SAP Business Roles overview
    • What are the Components of Business Roles?
    • create the Business Roles
    • To create the Management role
    • To create PFCG role
    • How to create role & user assignment
    • Over view on general authorizations & business role authorizations
    • Overview on User assignment procedures
    • General real time issues


  • SAP EP Security Overview
    • user administrations in SAP EP Overview
    • management of UMW roles & portal roles
    • How to upload the ABAP Roles
    • General real time issues


  • Introduction to ERP and Security
    • Introduction to profile generator, Authorization concepts, transactions, authorization objects
    • Practical exercise building single roles, composite roles and derive roles
    • Adding missing authorization objects
    • Creating and assigning users to roles
    • Establishing RFC communications between different systems
    • Creating logical systems and assigning logical systems to clients
    • Continue review of useful tables for security
    • Configuring and Using Basis Security Audit Tools Configuration of the Audit Log Reading the Audit Log
    • Evaluation reports rsusr002, rsusr003, rsusr008, rsusr008_009_new, rsusr010, rsusr020, rsusr030, rsusr040, rsusr050, rsusr060, rsusr070, rsusr100, rsusr101, rsusr102, rsusr100_pfcg

    High Lights of this Course

    • Certification Training on ADM900,ADM920,ADM940,ADM960
    • Certification Exam Preparation & Providing the Certification Materials.
    • Very Session Recording with SAP Presentation
    • Realtime Interview Questions & Resume Preparation
    • 24*7 labs Access ,Job Support

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