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What is SAP HR HCM?

SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) is an important module in the SAP ERP. It is also known as SAP Human Resource Management System (SAP HRMS) or SAP Human Resource (HR).

SAP HR software allows for automation of the record-keeping processes, SAP human capital management (HCM) enables aresilient, engaged and flexible business by enriching the employee experience acrossHR and payroll processes, talent management, people analytics time and attendance.

Some key features and functionalities:

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Time Management
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Travel Management
  • Master data
  • Benefits accounting
  • Payroll fundamentals
  • Authorizations
  • Reporting

About the course:

According to many researchers, there will be a continuous demand for SAP HCM professionals. As more and more organizations look towards adopting ERPs and make it easy for them to manage and take care of their workforce, certified and skilled HCM people will be required by them.

The scope for SAP HCM professionals is huge. Once certified, one can take up job as a SAP MM consultant, SAP HCM general consultant, HR generalist, SAP HR functional consultant and in various other roles. At Version IT we make sure students are ready for the evolving industry, through personalized and hands-on approach to our trainings. High emphasis on practical aspects makes the students learn through doing it themselves.

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What you will learn in the course:

Some of the important concepts that you will learn during the training are as follows,

  • Overview of the SAP HR module
  • SAP R3 system navigation
  • SAP ASAP methodology
  • SAP HR modules
  • Organizational management
  • Personnel administration
  • Time management
  • Payroll India
  • Other benefits

Training Overview:

The duration of this course is three months, with a one hour session per day. The interactive online classes are instructor led and have doubt clearing sessions with personalized, one-on-one feedback. Students are given access to the syllabus topics so that they can revise and recap at their convenience.

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Faculty profile

Mr. Suresh is a Post Graduate in Master of Human Resource (MHRM) with excellent academic history. Having 14+ years of IT Experience in SAP and 4+ domain experience. Worked in Top Most MNC’s with Fortune 500 clients in SAP. Worked on 8 Implementation Projects, 5 Roll Outs, 4 Upgrade Projects and Support Projects

Study Material: Soft copies of material, Class Room Notes, Real Time Specifications.


  • Getting Started with ERP System
  • Land Scape in SAP – R1, R2 and R3 System Architecture
  • Organizational Information
  • Employee Information
  • HR Structure / Enterprise Structure
  • Personnel Structure
  • Organizational Structure

SAP R/3 System Navigation

  • Easy Access vs IMG (Implementation Guide)
  • End User and Consultant Role
  • Configuration and Customization

SAP – ASAP Methodology

  • Project Preparation
  • Business Blue Print
  • Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support

SAP HR Modules

  • Personnel Administration
  • Organization Management
  • Recruitment
  • Time Management
  • Payroll Management:
  • Time Management
  • Personnel Development
  • Travel Management
  • PMS
  • E-Recruitment

Organizational Management

  • Organizational Management Introduction
  • Structures in SAP HCM
  • Objects Types
  • Relationships
    • Structure of Relationships
    • Syntax of Relationship
  • Methods of creating Org. structure
    • Simple maintenance
    • Expert Mode
    • Organizational and Staffing
  • Editing of Objects and Relationships
  • Validity period
  • Info type in OM
  • Plan version – Definition and setting of new plan versions
  • Maintaining Object Number Ranges

Personnel Administration

  • Enterprise Structure / Company Structure
  • Personal Structure & Organizational Structure
  • Integration settings with OM and PA
  • Master Data – Definition and its use in SAP HCM
  • Enterprise Structure - Definition and Assignment
    • Company
    • Company Code
    • Personnel Area
    • Personnel Sub Area
  • Personnel Structure – Definition and Assignment
    • Employee group
    • Employee sub group
    • Payroll Area
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings
    • Enter Global Parameters
    • Fiscal Year setting
    • Posting Periods
  • Employee Attributes
  • Info types and Sub Types
  • Info types Ranges in SAP HCM
  • Features in SAP HCM – Importance and various feature setup according to requirement
  • Number Ranges for Employee Personnel Numbers – Internal & External with feature setup
  • Customizing user procedures
    • onfiguration of Personnel actions - Info group – Action menu
      • Hiring
      • Promotion
      • Transfer
      • Organizational Re-Assignment
      • Termination
  • Hiring of Employee with different info types
  • Administrator Group & Defaulting through feature
  • Discussion on Business requirements in OM & PA modules in combine for easy understanding of Real Time Business Scenarios

Time Management

  • Introduction to Time Management – Time management process in HR domain and SAP HCM Time Management differentiation - a discussion
  • Public Holidays
  • Holiday Calendar with Business scenarios
  • Factory Calendar in HCM perspective
  • Grouping - Personnel Sub Area & Employee sub group Groupings in Time Management
  • Work schedules
    • Break schedules
    • Daily work schedules (With Variants – with business scenarios)
    • Period work schedules
  • ESG, Holiday Calendar Assignment for PSA
  • Work Schedule Rules
  • Time Data Recording and Administration
  • Introduction to Absences and Attendance
  • Absences quotas Configuration
    • Counting Rules for Absences/Attendances
    • Deduction Rules
    • Assignments of different rules in Absences/Attendances
  • Time management info types
  • Quota Update:
    • Manual (PA30)
    • Through Report RPTQTA00
    • Through Time Evaluation (RPTIME00)
  • Time Compensation

Payroll - India

  • Introduction to Payroll – HR Domain Process and SAP HCM process – Discussion on and understanding the same
  • Payroll Area and Control Record
  • Generation of Payroll Periods – Period and Date modifiers (with different country Fiscal year settings) – Relevancy of this in Time management
  • Payment Date Setup and Modifications
  • Concept Grouping in Payroll
  • ESG grouping for CAP and PCR
  • Pay Scale Structure
    • Pay Scale Type
    • Pay Scale Area
    • Pay Scale Group
    • Pay Scale Level
  • Features used in Payroll
  • Concept of Wage Types
  • Types of Wage Types
  • Primary Wage Types
  • Secondary Wage Types
  • Wage Type Characteristics
  • Indirect valuation of Wage Types in Payroll
  • Wage Type Model and Defaulting of WT Model
  • Valuation of Wage Type
  • Configuration of Basic Pay info type and other info types used in Payroll
  • Payroll info types – General and country specific
  • Payroll Processing in SAP System
  • Payroll Driver – For India
  • India Payroll
    • Configuration of India specific settings for Payroll
    • Concepts of Allowance grouping in India
    • India – Statutory configuration on TAX, PF, ESI, Professional Tax
    • Other statutory configuration on Exemptions, HRA, Car & Conveyance etc.,
    • Understanding of Indian Payroll Driver & Payroll Schema in SAP HCM payroll process
    • Various Functions in India Payroll
    • India Specific reports and subsequent payroll activities
  • Payroll Schema for different countries – Customizing the same for multiple business scenarios with adding PCRs
  • Personnel Calculation Rules – Customizing the same for multiple business scenarios (with Time calculation and Proration)
  • Checking of Payroll Results
  • Understanding and Customizing the Remuneration statement
  • Subsequent Payroll Activities
    • Bank Transfer process/Cash/Check Payment
    • FICO Posting from HR and Finance perspective

Other Benefits

  • Data Migration using LSMW
  • Authorizations
  • AS IS – TO BE
  • Business Blue Print (BBP)
  • Specification Documents – Functional
  • Configuration Documents
  • Standard Reports
  • Interview Guidance
  • Support for Future Projects
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Mock Interview Questions

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