About ServiceNow
Course Syllabus

What is Service Now?

ServiceNowis a cloud-based workflow automation platform developed by American software company Service Now, Inc. The software integrates enterprise operations such as IT, HR service delivery, Security, Customer services, to achieve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks. This software as a service (SaaS) helps companies manage digital workflows and improves operational efficiencies. The interface of Service Now is simple and easy to understand, and users are free to select their comfortable support interface.

Service Now has the following advantages:

  • Assigns and prioritizes work automatically - assigns and prioritizes incoming work requests based on agent availability, capacity, and skill level.
  • Automates routine processes - significantly reduces the time spent on administrative work
  • Consolidates systems into a single architecture – flexible to allow your company to consolidate various IT systems into a single platform
  • Maintains clear visibility to stakeholders - single platform for transparency and collaboration in all projects.

About the course:

Version IT is among the premier institutes that offer Service Now offline training in India. The Service Now offline Training at Version IT gives you the best knowledge on Service Now and its various modules by industry experts. Learning Service Now Course makes you a master on platforms such as SaaS, PaaS, Cloud intro, admin roles, policies, etc. Our Service Now offline training module will provide you a way to earn ServiceNowcertification.

What you will learn in the course?

Service Now offline training equips the course participants with hands-on experience on methods to apply Service Now Applications in the business environment. Version IT offers the best Service Now offline training in Hyderabad, it employs training techniques that enables even a layman to understand technology.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Service Now instances and processes including SNC Applications and Modules, Forms, Lists and Tables.
  • Basic Forms and List Modifications and Administration.
  • Configuring Users and Groups and Administration
  • Tables and Columns Administration
  • Applications and Modules Administration
  • Introduction to different modules, including Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Service Level Management.
  • Service Catalog introduction, creating items, variable and work flows
  • Creating Email Notifications and Events
  • Import sets and Transform Maps
  • CMDB and Discovery
  • Client scripting
  • Update Sets
  • Reports, Gauges and Homepage
  • Integration of other software with Service Now
  • Service Portal

Training Overview:

Version its Service Now offline training course offers user friendly training schedule with certification. Our tutors are industry experts with around a decade of experience in in offering training and placement.

If you are looking for Service Now offline Training in Hyderabad then you have reached the right place.

Version IT is a pioneer among Service Now offline training institutes in Hyderabad with more than a decade of experience in offering best and affordable IT courses.

Introduction to ServiceNow

  • Introduction to service now instances & Process
  • SNC Navigations
  • SNC Applications and Modules
  • Forms, Lists and Tables
  • Basic Forms and List Modifications and Administration

    • Personalizing Forms
    • Creating new sections in forms
    • Personalizing Lists and List controls
    • Introduction to Different types of Fields
    • Dependent choice field creation

    Configuring Users and Groups and Administration

    • Users
    • Groups
    • Roles
    • Roles tagging to users and groups

    Tables and Columns Administration

    • Introduction, schema map, creating tables adding fields etc.
    • Auditing tables and fields
    • Recovering deleted data

    Applications and Modules Administration

    • Creating and modifying applications and modules and other related activities
    • Limiting access of Applications and modules to specific set of roles

    Introduction on Different Modules

    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Change Management and it’s workflows
    • Service Level Management

    Change Management

    • Different types of change requests and their significance
    • Change Types and Respective workflows
    • Risk Assessment Plugin activation
    • Risk Questionnaires configuration and defining thresholds and conditions

    Service Level Management

    • SLA definitions and triggering conditions
    • SLA schedules
    • Retroactive start usage in SLA
    • SLA workflow and Notifications on breach

    Service Catalog

    • Introduction to Items and Categories
    • Introduction to Variables and Variable Sets.
    • Creating workflows
    • Associating workflows to Items

    Email Notifications and Events

    • Email notification creation(when to trigger, whom to trigger, What content to send)
    • Templates utilization in email notification
    • Events creation
    • Email notification through events
    • Email notification in workflow via notification and events
    • Send to event creator usage
    • Debugging mail sending issues

    Import sets and Transform Maps

    • Data load through excel
    • Transform Mapping(Auto and Manual mapping)
    • Scheduled Imports

    CMDB and Discovery

    • CMDB purpose in incident & problem & change request
    • Data load using import sets into CMDB
    • Different ways how data come into CMDB(importsets,discovery,3rd
    • party CMDB integration)
    • Discovery purpose
    • Help the helpdesk in ServiceNow
    • How to enable Discovery in Snow

    Scripting Client Side scripting

    • Client Scripts (Intro, How to write and use)
    • UI Policy (Intro, How to write and use)
    • UI Scripts
    • UI Page
    • UI Macros
    • Server Side scripting
    • UI Actions (Intro, How to write and use)
    • Business Rules and Global Business Rules (Intro, How to write and use)
    • Script Include
    • Background Scripts

    Update Sets

    • Introduction to update set
    • Creating an update set
    • Using an update set
    • Creating update source
    • Retrieving update sets
    • Moving changes between instances
    • Advantages and best practices

    Reports, Gauges and Homepage

    • Creating Quick reports from lists
    • Creating Reports, Gauges and Homepages
    • Various types of reports and usage
    • Scheduling reports

    Integration with ServiceNow

    • LDAP Integration
    • SSO Integration
    • Discovery Integration
    • MID service Integration
    • SAP Integration with ServiceNow
    • ServiceWatch integration with ServiceNow

    Service Portal

    • Widget
    • Page
    • New Portal

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