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Course Syllabus

Human Resource (HR) and Human capital management (HCM) are a set of practices related to people resource management.

They are focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies and are implemented in three categories: workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization.

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Course Modules

  • ERP & SAP
  • Organization management
  • Personnel administration
  • Time management
  • Payroll and recruitment
  • Training and Event management
  • Personnel development
  • ABAP HR concepts

  • Faculty profile

    Yohan Raj 16Yrs Experienced realtime working as a senior consultant, Trained 1000+ students in globally.

    SAP HR/HCM Course Content


    • Introduction to ERP
    • Overview of SAP and Sub Modules SAP HCM
    • SAP Architecture
    • SAP-HCM Module at a glance
    • Focus on Various kinds of SAP Projects
    • Benefits with SAP ERP
    • Roles of Consultants in Implementation

    Organizational Management

    • Integration with other modules and Process Flow
    • Plan Version
    • Objects in OM
    • Relationships, Evaluation Path and Object
    • Characteristics
    • OM related Infotypes and Tables
    • Organization & Staffing
    • Expert Mode or Infotype Maintenance
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Reporting Structure
    • Reports

    Personnel Administration

    • Info types & Data Tables
    • Maintain HR Master Data
    • Time Constraints
    • Personnel Number Ranges
    • Configuration of Personnel Actions using Infogroup, User Group and functionality of User Parameters
    • Info type Menus
    • Additional Actions and Dynamic Actions
    • Screen Modifications
    • Customer Specific Infotypes

    Recruitment (Overview – If time permits, we will go with this module too)

    • Integration with other modules
    • Maintenance of Applicant Data and Applicant Number Ranges
    • Recruitment related infotypes
    • Setting up of features related to Recruitment
    • Configuration of Applicant Structure
    • Applicant Status and Process Flow
    • Advertising Media and Instruments
    • Transfer of Applicant Data to Personnel Administration
    • Execution of Simulated Scenario

    Time Management (in detail)

    • Integration with Other Modules
    • Concepts of Positive and Negative Time Recording
    • Tiem Management Status and Important Time Management related Features
    • Setting up Holiday Calendar and Concept of Factory Calendar
    • Configuration of Work Schedules – Break, Daily, Period, Work Schedule Rule
    • Daily Work Schedule Variant and Daily Work Schedule Selection Rule
    • Day Types and Rules
    • Absences/Attendances and AQuotas Configuraiton
    • Configuration of Counting Rules, Rounding Rules, Deduction Rules, Base Entitlement Rules and Selection Rules
    • Generation of Quotas through RPTQTA00 and Time Evaluation
    • Time Data Recording
    • Time Evaluation Process, Schemas, Rules, Functions and Operations
    • Clusters B1 and B2 and Internal Tables relating to Time Management
    • Time Management Pool
    • CATS

    Payroll (in detail)

    • Introduction to Payroll and Integration with other modules
    • Setting up of Payroll Areas and Control Record Status
    • Payroll Organization Concepts and Configuration
    • Payroll Status Infotype and Concept of Retroactive Accounting
    • Pay Scale Structure Configuraiton
    • PCR and CAP Groupings
    • Wage Type Configuration, Grouping and Characteristics
    • Processing Classes, Cumulations and Evaluation Classes
    • Absence Valuation
    • Wage Type Valuation
    • Payroll Process Flow and Payroll Processing
    • Posting to Accounting
    • Payroll Driver, Schemas, PCRs, Functions and Operations
    • Clusters and Internal Tables
    • Payroll related Infotypes
    • Important Technical Wage Types relating to Indian Payroll
    • Payroll Reports

    Personnel Development (Overview – as it is not in use now)

    • Integration with other modules
    • Objects and Relationships
    • Appraisal Model Set up
    • Appraisal Process
    • Setting up of Qualification Catalogue with Qualification Groups and Types
    • Profile Match Up

    Legacy data Migration

    • Uploading the legacy data using – LSMW

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